Who we are

We are Anja and Peter Sersch from Germany. Anja is a full-fledged computer specialist and worked about 13 years for a well-known German bank as a computer specialist for the Options & Futures Exchange department. Starting in her early childhood she sang in choirs and played several musical instruments in orchestras and as a soloist. Later she took vocal training and became a student for vocals and flute at the conservatory.

Peter is a full-fledged computer specialist also and worked for several companies as a programmer and did 1st and 2nd level support as well as market research. He played piano during his childhood, acted in a local theater group, which included an appearance on television and worked as a DJ in his young years.

In 2013 both of them started to twist balloons after they made acquaintance with a professional balloon twister. In May 2014 Peter opened his business and became a self-employed balloon twister and decorator and now is a Certified Balloon Artist (CBA). Anja is a member of the Qualatex Balloon Network.

In 2013 Peter and Anja met Ken Stillman, an international wide very well known Balloon Artist who published several online programs for balloon twisters. Soon they became business partners and are working together on different projects not only for balloon twisters but entertainers of all kinds.

What we do for you

We know artists are different than "usual" business people. They mostly have a different view on things and different claims. As we are into arts and computer specialists we are capable to combine these two talents. Our goal is to create a webpage that absolutely shows who you are and what you do.

If you need help with your Facebook site or any other Social Media Site we help you creating it and support it.

What are our skills

We can program your webpage in php, which means it will run on any desktop (no matter if a Windows Desktop or a Mac), smartphone or tablet. Databases are our daily business if you would like to take track of your customer data.

Anja speaks English fluently and can translate your business page.

Programs for working on videos or pictures are familiar to us and we use it every day. If you have a tutorial video and like to have subtitles we add them to your existing video file


As mentioned before the two of us worked as computer specialists in different companies. While working together with Ken Stillman we programmed webpages like www.globalballoon.delivery, www.balloon-twister.de, www.globalballoon.network and others. Peter won an award for his web design in his early years as a programmer. Anja did all the translations and added all subtitles to Ken Stillman's videos in BalloonClick.

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“"The Big Idea changes everything: you need courage to dream but fortitude to compel it into being. Success is what follows when one listens to their inner voice and steadfastly pursues one's dreams." (Siegfried Fischbacher).
"The wonderful thing is, imagination is universal all over the world, no matter what the language is." (Roy Horn)
Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn are Siegfried & Roy)”